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Utilising the extensive experience and expertise of our team, AMX has been built using the latest technologies and optimised coding to ensure that it can meet even the most complex functionality, whilst retaining its fully customisable and user-friendly interface.

AMX has all the features required to manage your assets; from supporting complex structural condition surveys, deterioration modelling and what-if-analysis, which identify the optimal use of resources; to producing works orders, detailed management reports and financial documents. AMX offers a powerful, flexible and comprehensive solution for any Asset Manager.

Here is some of the Powerful Functionality you can expect from AMX

Business Intelligence support

the AMX system provides a single repository for all your asset data. Supported by powerful analysis reporting tools, the system provides organisations with access to timely, accurate and detailed information to support all business decisions.

KPIs Management

With customisation support as standard, organisations have the ability to define their own priorities, standards and Key Performance Indicators. This ensures all users are able to quickly and effectively prioritise works to meet both the financial constraints and service levels required.

Detailed, relevant reports

Users are able to carry out comprehensive analysis of the stored data to produce detailed, relevant reports, including charts, graphs and images. These reports can then be printed out using our suite of pre-defined templates or if preferred the user can create their own unique documents. This is all done in one system, without the use of any third party software such as word or excel, ensuring the data and results are accurate and up to date.

Configurable Action Records

Actions in the AMX system refers to Inspections, Maintenance, or any other activities required to maintain the organisation's assets. Users can set-up Inspection schedules and regular maintenance activities so that these are never overlooked. The system even supports the creation of detailed asset records including defining the specific elements to be checked or maintained as part of each associated Action record, so nothing is missed.

Life Cycle Planning and Analysis tools

The AMX Life Cycle planning tool uses both system data and statistical deterioration models to support users in generating multiple predictive life-cycle plans. These plans can be used to identify the optimal intervention strategy to maintain service levels, whilst maximising returns on investment. Our ‘What If’ analysis tool enables users to quickly assess the impact of any changes to planned works due to budgetary constraints, and with our prioritization tools, customers can ensure that key asset service levels are always achieved.

Finance Management tools

The AMX system can support your organisation in all its financial management and planning, from managing invoices and payments to planning and financing complex projects of work.

Mobile Technology

Don't waste time and resources doing things twice - AMX has been designed around the need to go on-site and inspect or maintain assets that may be spread across multiple locations. Customers demand a quick and effective method of capturing the results of this work and importing it to the main database - for this reason, AMX includes a complete, exportable Inspection and Maintenance module that allows your on-site team, using a tablet, laptop or even Windows 7 phone, to complete scheduled or unscheduled actions in the system and record all findings instantly. This data can then be quickly uploaded to the main database without any errors or omissions.


AMX has a fully integrated GIS mapping system with customisable asset representations, pop-up key asset data, point, line and polygon asset positioning tools, and integrated asset images and records. The GIS mapping information is fully import/export compatible, supporting inclusion in reports and documents for gazetteer and works management. The AMX GIS solution can integrate with multiple external GIS systems, supporting various file types, including .shp and .tab files.

For more details on the powerful functionality available in AMX, please contact our team today for a FREE demo.


AMX offers both Authorities a powerful and flexible system to manage all our highway asset requirements. This combined with excellent customer support puts the product head and shoulders above the competition.

Antony Roberts, Highways, Capital & Structures Engineer, Powys County Council (2015)

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