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Engineering Consultants and AMX

With combined expertise and international understanding of local challenges – engineering consultants choose AMX.

Across the globe, consultants are appointed to provide engineering management and specialist technical services for improving the longevity of transport networks, in both public and private sectors. In order to deliver a cost effective solution and manage network growth, it is imperative to incorporate Asset Management as part of their proposal.

Increasingly, consultants recognise the need to partner with service providers that understand their technical challenges and requirements,to deliver appropriate and scalable solutions.

In recent years, due to the rapid growth and development in infrastructure, demand for advanced and focused asset maintenance management in the transport sector has presented challenging opportunities, with forward-thinking businesses seeking the right software solution from the outset.

As a business, AMX has actively sought to collaborate with consultants in this sector to deliver a powerful, flexible and mobile system that supports the clients current and future needs. 

Over the years, AMX has been appointed to work with consultants across all continents and provide the right management system for a large variety of transport infrastructure projects.

Regional challenges and demands

Every project has its own unique requirements including diversity in construction type, form and material; prevailing climate conditions and compliance with applicable national and international standards. 

AMX focusses on detailed understanding of local requirements and offers its international expertise to promote best practice in asset management and deliver a solution that is fit for purpose and evolves with future demands.

Why Engineering Consultants choose AMX

There are many key factors identified by consultants as criteria for any system provider including, but not limited to, the following:

  • INVENTORY - Ranging from very simple structures such as single cell pipe culverts to multi-span bridges and tunnels with extensive electro-mechanical services such as escalators, lifts and HVAC plants.
  • INSPECTION - Extensive inspection planning and management tools covering all highway structures including electro-mechanical services. Easy to generate dedicated inspection forms without compromising operational procedures and efficiencies.
  • CONDITION RATING - Defect-based condition rating system that isdedicated to individual highway structures and in line with national and/or international standards.
  • RISK-BASED APPROACH - Incorporating risk management in all aspects of maintenance activities.
  • MAINTENANCE - Comprehensive maintenance planning and management tools including resource allocation and cost control.
  • BUDGETING - Multi-year financial planning with cost-benefit analysis and budgetary constraints.
  • WHOLE LIFE COST ANALYSIS - Lifecycle analysis across a wide range of maintenance strategies incorporating user interventions.
  • REPORTING - Easy to generate ad hoc or standard reports covering all aspects of asset maintenance operations, with graphs and charts to include consolidated management reports.

Working together for the future

Following successful partnerships with Aurecon, Mott MacDonald and other consultants, AMX has been presented as the Bridge Maintenance Management System (BMMS) solution to Transport Authorities in other countries around the world. Globally, tens of thousands of highway structures of varying complexities are now managed using AMX.

To read more about how AMX and Aurecon worked together and the benefits of working with AMX - download our datasheet. 

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“We have been very fortunate to collaborate with the professional service and product that AMX provides.”

Ian W Dudgeon, Technical Director, MENA Transport Leader, Aurecon



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