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Powys and Ceredigion asset management – better together


The neighbouring Welsh counties of Powys and Ceredigion, which together cover a large percentage of the Welsh landmass, were looking to find a replacement highway structures management system due to the withdrawal of their existing solutions. To help manage over 5000 assets that fall within their joint maintenance responsibilities, Powys and Ceredigion grasped the opportunity to look at sharing a system as part of a wider collaboration between the two authorities.

Why choose AMX?

As part of a rigorous selection process AMX Solutions presented Asset Management eXpert (AMX) to representatives from both counties. It was clear that, due to its flexible nature, not only could AMX be tailored to each county’s unique requirements, but could also be cost effectively managed using a shared, externally hosted package, saving time and money.

How does AMX help?

Since its implementation, some of the most significant benefits identified have been the:

  • Ability to bulk upload and edit – this has helped to cleanse data and make changes quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy customisation – giving the authorities autonomy to customise the database to meet their requirements without having to wait for a third party.
  • Mobility – enabling inspectors to be more productive while in the field and capture accurate data for inventory.
  • Cost savings – as the solution is shared by both authorities, economies of scale can be achieved.
  • Excellent support – the team know that any issues or suggestions will be listened to, technically understood and acted upon.


AMX has facilitated the streamlining of internal processes to improve productivity and effective asset management, meaning better control of budgets and resources. As a result, it is already being explored for rollout into other relevant departments.

  • Mobile working – No more clipboards and time-consuming data entry at the end of the day, has significantly increased the productivity of the field workers. And with data immediately available to the main desktop, urgent actions can be swiftly addressed.
  • Automated Processes – Supported by AMX Solutions’ responsive team, they have been able to stipulate and apply their own business processes within the software, defining data flows and automated notifications to support rapid and accurate decision-making.
  • Integration – AMX’s open standards integration tools, has allowed data to be shared with other systems and departments, including the Call Centre to display defects, their status and any planned works.

The Future

The City of Cardiff Council has grasped the opportunity to take control and define their own system, combining all the benefits of a bespoke solution with the reliability and robustness of an established asset management solution. They already have plans to roll-out the solution across other departments within highways, including street lighting.

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