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There is increasing pressure on organisations to maintain accurate and timely data about their physical assets, so with AMX Mobile you can work on that data whenever and wherever you need to, ensuring everyone has the latest information at their fingertips.

Working closely with our clients, we have developed our mobile solution so that there are no compromises when working on-site – you will always have access to all the information you need, whether it is mapping and GIS information or asset images and access details, AMX will ensure you have what you need to do the job.

The Details

AMX Mobile has been specifically designed around the need to go on-site and inspect or maintain organisational assets that can be spread across multiple sites and locations.

Customers can choose to use multiple platforms including Android™ handsets, laptops, tablets and even iPhones and iPads.

Where Internet connectivity is available, your team can work online using live data, quickly editing records directly on the central servers. However, when Internet connectivity is limited or unreliable, then users can use our offline AMX solution designed specifically for purpose.

The Offline AMX Solution builds a targeted data download for the relevant device and user, ensuring the team always has the information they need. Users can then complete their inspections or maintenance works and simply upload their data as soon as connectivity is restored – no data loss, no duplicated effort and no erroneous information.

Why go mobile?

Mobility has become increasingly important in the field of asset management software, so working closely with our customers we have designed AMX Mobile to fully support these requirements.

Here are just some of the ways AMX Mobile can work for you:

  • Identify, edit and add assets on-site using mapping tools and images, without the need to return to a PC – no duplicated effort and no errors thereby saving time and increasing the accuracy of your data.
  • Carry out detailed Inspections, including recording defects, work required, images and comments immediately. The improved detail and accuracy will enable your organisation to respond quickly and correctly to the requirements identified.
  • Complete maintenance activities, recording any issues, timings and images both pre and post work for a complete audit trail. Again this will save time and improve accuracy, but furthermore, with AMX you can provide secure access to your data to third parties contractors for data consistency, improving compliance with standards such as PAS 55.
  • Manage the scheduling and ordering of activities using the asset location data and proximity to the User, improving efficiency and resource allocation – all part of meeting your organisation optimisation aims and objectives.

AMX Mobile will help your organisation to maintain accurate data, respond quickly to issues and improve your auditable history for assets, all helping you to meet your aims and objectives.

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"Allowing our inspectors and engineers real-time access to data in the field gives the business a new communication tool which enables immediate visibility to information and prompts a proactive response."

Andy Fletcher, Scottish Canals (2014)


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