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AMX provides you with a fully comprehensive, robust and customisable integrated asset management tool. It utilises the same software engine that is featured in the BMX application that manages large-scale infrastructures around the world. AMX will enable your organisation to efficiently manage all aspects of life-cycle planning for your assets. Each stage of asset development is managed from creation through operation, inspection and maintenance to disposal, AMX will ensure your best return on investments.

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Comprehensive, Customisable Asset Records: AMX is built using the latest technologies to provide users with a powerful solution, capable of swift, user-driven customisation at all levels.

screenshot of AMX Customisable features for a map of assets

Inspection Management: Define Inspection regimes for Asset classes, types or even individual assets. Quickly and automatically schedule inspections using the defined routines or manually where required.

View detailed data for many different assets (bridge, street light, highway assets, ports, etc.)

Integrated GIS: Link to industry standard GIS systems or use embedded systems to quickly and accurately record and track assets and work items on user-friendly map interface.

Asset Management eXpert showing assets on integrated GIS

Works Management: Combine and schedule works using asset or activity priorities, financial constraints or any local policy requirements.

Document Management: Add documents including reports, drawings and images to asset records for a complete auditable asset record. Or add files to the global knowledge base making them available organisation wide.

Maintenance Optimisation: Define any local requirements and constraints and then use the Integrated statistical and deterioration models to identify the optimal intervention strategy to meet your organisational demands.

Mobile Technology: Use the system on-site to complete detailed inspections and maintenance activities on organisational assets that can be spread across multiple sites and locations using a variety of handheld devices.

Integration with Existing Systems: Designed to operate with all industry standard data sources, including SQL and Oracle, with a simple efficient interface to support both one-off and on-going data synchronisations as required.

Life-cycle Planning and Management: Use the system deterioration models, or create your own reflecting local knowledge, to generate multiple predictive models using user-definable intervention strategies.

Screenshot Lifecycle planning toolkit, life cycle management software

Reporting Tools: Use the suite of pre-defined common reports or design and print your own detailed stock or asset level report incorporating graphs, charts, images, maps and text without any need to export data or use external applications.

Highway asset management report screenshot


business intelligence tool - reporting, charts, dashboards screenshot of pie chart

Financial Planning: Manage your company finances in the system at the Asset and Project levels. Generate detailed forecast and expenditure reports using live system data, including actual and committed costs and multiple-financial year breakdowns.

User Support: AMX comes with our comprehensive suite of user support resources including manuals, online tutorials and, of course, our professional and helpful team as standard with every implementation.

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Custom features and functions

We thrive on working closely with customers to create their ideal asset management software, especially in new areas or where it helps to improve our products for all our clients. If there is a particular feature or type of functionality you'd like but don't see listed, do get in touch, it may already be available or in development.

Alternatively, why not ask us about our training and consultancy services to help you create your own application.


"The staff who have been involved in the testing of AMX have found it more user friendly and intuitive than previous systems with a user interface that is better and easier to navigate."

Andrew Stevenson, Asset & Programme Manager, Scottish Canals (2012).

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